Moonflower Market: Prints and Goods

Moonflower Market is a labor of love, really. It started in November 2016 is a secondary etsy shop to my primary one, a place where I could sell things that just didn't seem to fit the aesthetic of my primary shop. However, this shop quickly became part of my identity and really started to feel more like a home and less like a "secondary" place or an offshoot for the witchy side of my personality.

This shop is now my primary residence and is where I share my art and creations. It is where I sometimes bring the quirky jewelry, stones and crystals I find in my travels and where I come to connect with others on etsy that have the same mentality, interests and fascinations as I do. I am not only the owner and operator but I am the artist, designer, shipper, creator, tech gal and everything else between. I hope you'll join me on my journeys and share in what I create and find. I am active on instagram and often share doodles, stories and information.  That is definitely the best place to connect with me while I continue to build this etsy.

You can always find me on instagram @moonflowermarket

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